Professional Societies and Associations

ACS - Australian Computer Society
ACS/NSW - NSW Branch, Australian Computer Society
IEEE - Institure of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEEE/Computer - IEEE Computer Society
IEEE/NSW - NSW Section, IEEE Region 10
IEEE/UNSW - IEEE Student Chapter @ UNSW
ACM - Association of Computing Machinery
ACM/UNSW - ACM Student Chapter @ UNSW
IEAUST - Institute of Engineers (Australia)
IEAUST/Syd - Sydney Division of IEAUST
AUUG - Australian Unix and Open System User Group
AUUG/NSW - NSW Chapter of AUUG
SAGE-AU - System Administrator Guild Australia
SAGE-AU/NSW - NSW chapter of SAGE-AU

Industry and Industrial Associations

APESMA - The Association of Profressional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia
ITPA - Information Technology Professionals Association
IIA - Internet Industry Association
AIIA - Australian Information Industry Association
EFA - Electronic Frontiers Australia
ISOC-AU - The Internet Society of Australia
TSA - Telecommunication Society of Australia
ATUG - The Australian Telecommunications Users Group
AEEMA - Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (Industry Assoc)

National I.T. User Groups

ASMA - Australian Software Metrics Association
AAC - Australasian Agile Community
PMI - Project Management Institure (Australia)
SEA - Software Engineering Australia
CMGA - Computer Measurement Group
LA - Linux Australia
itSMF - IT Service Management Form
SESA - Systems Engineering Society of Australia
TDWI - The Data Warehousing Institute
SCIPAust - Society of Knowledge and Competitive Intelligence Practitioners Australasia
ARAA - Australian Robotics and Automation Association   Sometimes NOT WORKING
ARN - Australian Robotics Network  Links to ARAA
AUSCERT - Australian Computer Emergency Response Team  Not exactly an Association
SQA - Software Quality Association of Australia  Special Interest Group of the ACS
ASOR - Australian Society for Operations Research
ADUG - Australian Delphi Users Group
AJUG - Australian Java Users Group
ISIG - Information Security Interest Group
CLiA - Computational Linguistics in Australasia  Who's Who in Computational Linguistics in Australasia

NSW and Sydney I.T. User Groups

SydPMI - Project Management Institure (Sydney)
SAMSIG - Sydney Agle Methods SIG
SyXPAC - Sydney XP (eXtreme Programming) Activity Club
SydPM - Sydney Perl Mongers
SJUG - Australian Java Users Group (Sydney)
SLUG - Sydney Linux Users Group
BUGS - BSD User Group, Sydney
ClubMac - Club Mac (Crows Nest)
AMUG - Sydney Apple Macintosh Users Group
SydPCUG - Sydney PC Users Group
SALS-SIG - Sydney Area Language and Speech Special Interest Group

Vendor or Product Specific Associations

DECUS - Australia (formerly DEC Users Group)
AUSOUG - Australian Oracle User Group
AUSOUG/NSW - NSW Branch of Australian Oracle Users Group TechNet - Microsoft Australia TechNet Online
AusDev - Australian Developers.NETwork
Syd.NET - .NET Users Group - Sydney
IGUC - Intergraph - Events for IGUC ANZ (Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions)  No real homepage
DUGS - DB2 Users Group, Sydney
NSWIUG - NSW Ingres User Group
TUG - Tivoli User Group Australia and New Zealand - The Australian Palm OS ® User Group
IA - Interaction Australia (Forum for IBM Users)nbsp; Australasian SHARE/GUIDE, COMMON Australasia and Team RS/6000
SAUG - SAP Australian User Group
OzZope - Australia Zope Interest Group
CFUG - Cold Fusion User Group Australia
OZIUA - Australian IDMS User Group

Volunteer I.T. Groups

APANA - Australian Public Access Network Association   APANA®
TAD - Technical Aid to the Disabled
Computerbank - Computerbank Australia
ComputerbankNSW - Computerbank NSW: Free computers for charities and the disadvantaged

Other Industry Groups

AMTA - Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association
CTN - Consumers' Telecommunications Network
ACIF - Australian Communications Industry Forum
SPAN - Service Providers Industry Association
AIPM - Australian Institute of Project Management
BSAA - Business Software Association of Australia Ltd  Vendor Association, encourages licencing compliance

Related Associations

AIM - Australian Institute of Management
SIAA - Simulation Industry Association of Australia
HIMAA/NSW - NSW Branch, Health Information Management Association of Australia
ALIA - Australian Library and Information Association
DAMA - Data Management Association Australia
RMAA - Records Management Association of Australia
GASAA - Graphic Arts Services Association of Australia
QSA - Quality Society of Australasia (specialist Auditor, Mgt Consultant or Training Provider)
ISACA - Information Systems Audit and Control Association (international)
ISACA/NSW - Sydney Chapter, Information Systems Audit and Control Association
HISA - Health Informatics Society of Australia
AIMIA - Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association
AIM/NSW - NSW branch - Australian Institute of Management
HIMAA - Health Information Management Association of Australia Limited

Education Related Associations

IT&Titab - Information Technology and Telecommunications Industry Training Advisory Body
NSWCITAB - NSW Communications ITAB  Mail Addrs
CITT - Communications and Information Technology Training
ITCRA - Information Technology Contract & Recruitment Association
ACCE - Australian Council for Computers in Education  Teachers of IT in Schools
NSWCEG - New South Wales Computer Education Group
TEFA - Technology Education Federation of Australia
ACET - Australian Council for Education through Technology

Meta Associations - Associations of Associations

FASTS - Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies
ATSE - Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
AAS - Australian Academy of Science
ACoP - Australian Council of Professions

Collections of Associations and User Groups

IT user groups day -  A Victorian User Group Day
National Library of Australia - Australian Science and Technology on the Internet
ZDNet Australia - User Group List Australian IT - Events Diary
Register of Australian WWW Servers - Computing
NSW Innovation Council
Science Industry Australia
QUT - Information Management Professional Associations list
Knowledge management organisations; directory of km organisations
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The Australian Government Directory incorporating Business Australia - / Organisations and Associations / Business and Professional  Directory of allAssociations
Software Project Assist
Links to Computing Departments/Institutions - 'jhan' @ monash

Broken Links

SPIN - Software Project Assist - Links to 'SPIN'  Appears to be inactive
MSUG Canberra - Microsoft Users Group (points to Sydney  Sydney NT Users Group appears defunct
AIIT - Australasian Institute of Information TEchnology  Site not working 'Raggeded Country'
AWBT - Australian Web Based Training Association Inc  Defunct? No DNS entry
AWPA - Australian Web Publishers' Association   Seems Defunct. Last Updated 26 Nov 1998
xp-oz - Extreme Programming in Australia  Appears Defunct